I’m actually a little offended because if there were ever a male Strong Female Character

it’d be Nightwing

Isn’t that right Karen?

IM A LITTLE BITTER NEGL dick grayson was doing the strong female character thing…

I feel her experience is representative of how women and mothers, especially older women are devalued in our culture, also devaluing of those with mental impairments . The health care system is making a ton of money off of her. But it is not taking care of her in the most basic way. My overall anger about this situation is spilling over to a lot of situations. I see way too many parallels between what has happened to her and my own experience as a woman, wife and mother. The expectation is that a woman should always be sweet kind gentle subtle forgiving tolerant patient self effacing and super good at taking care of other people with minimal expectations for justice equity equality reciprocity consideration.

My grandma has alhezhimers and I recently got in a fight with my mom about me not having time to visit her. 

My mom sent me an email explaining why the situation was so frustrating and why she got very angry at me for not making time to see my family.